There are many reasons that cause your skin to change. Some are in your hands, while few more are not in your control. The thing that you cannot change is the natural aging process. It is very natural for your skin to lose youthfulness. With time you get wrinkles on your face. Your skin loses the extra fat and gets rough. Your skin becomes thinner and drier. This kind of aging is known as ‘intrinsic aging.’ The other reasons of aging may be induced by environmental factors. This may cause premature aging of your skin. Therefore, here are few ways which may help you to control the premature aging of your skin.


Factors That Cause Skin Aging

  • Exposure To Sunlight: Every individual get affected with a tan – this is the effect of exposure to sunlight. The harmful UV ray emitted from the sun affects individually every time one gets exposed to the sun. Hence, applying for protection on the skin is very much essential.
  • Smoking: If you are indulging yourself in the act of smoking, stop it readily! Smoking rapidly ages your skin. It causes dull, shallow complexion and may also be responsible for wrinkles on your skin.
  • Repetitive Facial Expressions: Making of facial expressions repetitively may cause the underlying muscles to contract. Such contractions for many years causes the skin to produce wrinkles; these lines may become permanent thereafter.
  • Alcohol Intake: Alcohol intake causes the skin to dehydrate. This damages the skin. Thus you often can look older than you are. These factors, more or less, accounts for the reasons that cause your skin to become aged prematurely.

There Are Few Homemade Remedies That Can Help One To Reduce Or Minimize Aging Process. Such Are As Follows.

  • Using Of Lemon Juice: Vitamin C that is present in lemons can cause miracles on age spots and freckles. Lemon juice with a combination of honey is also a very good to reduce the aging spots on your skins.
  • Coconut Milk: Coconut milk consists of vitamins and minerals. It thus moisturizes your skin and keeps it soft. This helps in keeping away the wrinkles caused by various reasons.
  • Rose Water: Rose water cleanses the skin, removing the dirt from the skin pores. This reduces the puffiness of the skin under the eyes. This, in turn, avoids visible wrinkles.
  • Cucumber: Cucumber reduces the puffiness and the dark circles around the eyes. Lactic acid is present in Curd. It has the property of exfoliating skin dead cells, rejuvenating it.

Evasion of Skin Aging

It is more helpful for you to prevent skin aging beforehand just to avoid degradation of the skin along with aging. The best ways to do this is the proper use of Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Whether you spend a holiday on beach or run errands, covering your skin is very essential. Keeping it moisturized and taking proper care such as smooth cleaning will benefit your skin to stay healthy. Finally do not forget to drink water always, so that your soft skin be hydrated.